Kakuryo - Empty Sky


After experiencing many moves,
one day, I just look up the sky.
The sky is same as ever, and has emptiness within.
The people I met at those places stay at the "place".
It seems that I am the only one who keeps moving from here to there.

The memories of "places" and "people" get hazed, and faded
like a scene viewed through the lens which I can never obtain the clear focus.

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All works are 12"x9", and 5"x5" in image size.
Chromogenic print and wax on paper.

Installation shots during the group exhibition, "GinEn'
2010.1.9 - 4.18
Tokyo Art Museum

Installation shots. Solo the group exhibition
at the Pictura Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Installation Shots
2007.7.19 - 8.3
Gallery Kobo Chika