"Here You Are"

It was a few weeks after starting my new job at a new place.
It was September 11, 2001.

Since then, American flags were flooded out to everywhere: on show windows, on car roofs, or people's shirts. There is a television commercial of people with various skin tone, and various accent saying, "I am an American."

I have been to the United States for more than one third of my life. Probably I had been there longer than most of the people on the TV commercial. But, I could not say, "I am an American."

By imagining the colorful symbols stained on fabric called "national flags", and the lines on paper called "borders", and also putting myself on the photographic images I shoot, I reinvestigated where I am putting my feet on.



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2006.6.1 - 6.13
Gendai Heights Gallery, Tokyo, Japan